Book News: July 5th, 2005

This publication from the National College for School Leadership looks at the
importance of building community leadership in networks. It considers how the
national policy agenda to ensure Every Child Matters (2003) is beginning to be
acted out in local networked contexts. Through exploring different perspectives
of community leadership it examines the tensions, opportunities and challenges
involved in moving from homogenous school-based networks to more diverse
heterogeneous community-based networks.

It also discusses the implications of community leadership in networks. Topics
covered include the sharing of leadership with a focus on ‘bridging’ rather than
‘bonding’ relationships. There is a section on collaborative working which
builds social capital and coheres around a shared focus which is child-centred
and which promotes active participation in decision-making-for-action by all. It
also looks at designing local strategies for long term system-wide change.

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reference WAWLA/Community leadership.

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