Book News: July 20th, 2005

This Guide from the Centre for Public Scrutiny aims to join up patient and public involvement in health. It clarifies the distinct roles of the Committees and the Patient and Public Involvement Forums. It also suggests ways that the Committees can work with the Forums to maximise their influence on decisions about health and healthcare.The guide is part of the package of measures to provide further support for patient and public involvement that was announced by the Minister for Health Services, Rosie Winterton, in March. Other parts of the package include reducing the number of Forums and creating a “resource centre” for patient and public involvement.

The guide explains the accountability of the Committees and Forums and suggests ways of building relationships with the NHS and communicating with the public about their work. It also outlines ways of tackling proposals for major service changes.

From October 2005 both parties will be able to comment on local services as part of the Healthcare Commission’s new ‘health check’ assessment process.

The Guide is available from: