Book News: July 28th, 2005

This publication from the Home Office sets out the benefits from recognizing

that not all people are the same and that different people have different,
equally valuable skills, experience and knowledge to offer. It describes the
positive effects of building on differences in race, gender, disability,
sexual orientation, faith, and age.

Developing diverse organizations within the police services results in
increased community confidence and better relationships with communities and
this in turn brings greater co-operation from all communities. There is
improved intelligence and information from the public which leads not only
to a reduction in crime, but also to a reduction in the fear of crime.

A diverse workforce gives access to a broad range of skills, experience,
education and culture which maximizes the capacity to deliver a variety of
local solutions to local problems. Fewer days are lost through stress or
other sickness and less money spent on grievances. There is also improved
recruitment and retention of officers and staff from all under-represented

‘It works: the operational benefits of diversity for the police service’
is available at: