Book News: August 11th, 2005

This consultation document sets out the plans a single inspectorate for children and learners. The proposals envisage bringing together the children’s services work of the Commission for Social Care Inspection into Ofsted, together with the Children and Families Court Advisory and Support Service inspection remit of the Inspectorate of Court Administration to create a single inspectorate for children and learners. A single inspectorate would better reflect the current and proposed arrangements locally of services and it would also help bring vocational learning into the mainstream with a single inspectorate looking at vocational and academic learning together.Other benefits include focusing inspection activity on the needs and experiences of children regardless of organisational boundaries. A single inspectorate would also have a coherent and authoritative voice in speaking for the needs of children right across the sector. The development would also enable efficiency savings to be made by reducing the cost of inspection and freeing more resource to the front-line.

The consultation document sets out the benefits and rationale for the reconfiguration, and seeks views on aspects relating to the operation of the single inspectorate, including its main duties and how it should be governed.

The document is available at: