Book News: August 15th, 2005

By Philip PearsonEvery year some 2 million people in Britain are injured or made ill by their work, and each week around 500 people leave work as a result of such problems. All these injuries and illnesses caused by work can be prevented.

The author provides advice on the most common health risks at work, and how they can tackled. The book explains the use of legal rights and common sense to avoid injury and illness, and how to take action to recover health and get back to work as soon as possible. There is advice on what to tell the GP and tips on where to get help when returning to work. Topics included are: tackling stress at work; workplace violence; bullying; asthma; muscle aches and strains and disability. Real-life case studies illustrate the problems that can be encountered. There are positive suggestions about preventing ill health and improving wellbeing.

Published by Kogan Page in association with the TUC. ISBN:0749441526. 8.99 pounds.