Book News: August 18th, 2005

By James MarchThe author uses great works of literature to explore the problems of leadership including: War and Peace, Othello, and Don Quixote. He presents moral dilemmas related to leadership, for example the balance between private life and public duties, and between the expression and the control of sexuality. He encourages readers to explore ideas that are sometimes subversive and unpalatable but may allow organizations to adapt in a rapidly changing world. This is a book for leaders, and for those who watch leaders with appreciation, distaste, empathy, and frustration. He shakes the foundations of how we think about leadership. The book will not offer six easy steps to becoming an effective leader, but it will provoke, amuse, challenge, and irritate. It will force a re-think about leadership in ways that will destroy innocence.

Published by Blackwell. 1405132477. 17.99 pounds.