Book News: September 19th, 2005

The workplace of the 21st century is a fast-paced, dynamic, highly stimulating environment which brings a large number of benefits and opportunities to those who work within it. The ever-changing demands of the working world can increase levels of stress, especially for those who are consistently working under pressure. Whilst pressure has its positive side in raising performance, if such pressure becomes excessive it can lead to stress which has negative consequences.These guidelines from the DTI provide a valuable tool for employees and employers who wish to understand in more depth the complex issue of work-related stress. In addition to a detailed explanation of the legislative framework surrounding work-related stress at both national and European level, a list is provided of the practical resources available to manage stress in the workplace effectively. This leaflet has been jointly drawn up with a number of bodies including the CBI and the TUC, working together in partnership with the HSE and the DTI.

The Guide is available at: