Book News: October 17th, 2005

This guide from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority provides those offering information and guidance to learners in year 9 and year 11 with a single document that contains accurate and up-to-date information on the full range of opportunities, qualifications and support available to learners moving into and through the 14-19 phase.The guide responds to the changes taking place in 14-19 learning as a result of the government programme to transform education and training for young people. Qualifications and curricula are evolving and, from 14, young people can learn in different contexts, other than schools, FE colleges or work-based training organizations, as their schools collaborate to meet their individual needs.

Students’ programmes are already changing and are increasingly different from each other. For example in some schools some students can start key stage 4 earlier than year 10 and take AS units or qualifications in year 11. While most 14 to 16-year-olds will take GCSEs, particularly in core subjects, beyond a compulsory core they will choose a diverse range of optional subjects. The emphasis is on personalised learning, and the focus of curriculum development and collaborative activity is the individual learner.

The Guide is published by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and is available at: