Book News: October 19th, 2005

By Esther CameronThis practical guide is designed to improve meetings and workshops. It gives detailed examples, proven tips for success, checklists, case studies and a self-assessment guide to test the personal approach to facilitation. It helps to understand the facilitator’s role and determine the facilitation style that matches the personal style.

The Guide stresses the importance of body language in meetings and workshops. People don’t always say what they’re thinking at meetings so understanding body language is vital. The author interprets common gestures. Positive gesture include touching the chin which indicates the person is making a decision and is paying attention to the discussion and hands behind the head, showing the person is feeling comfortable about the subject. Negative gestures include rubbing the nose showing that the person is unclear about what is being said and folded arms which may indicate the person is being defensive or negative and is trying to cut him or herself off from the discussion.

Published by Kogan-Page. ISBN: 0749443510. 17.09 pounds.