Book News: October 24th, 2005

By Ellen A. Ensher and Susan E. MurphyThis book is a nuts-and-bolts guide for anyone who wants to create a connection with a protégé or mentor, or to improve a current mentoring relationship. Filled with illustrative examples and candid insights from fifty of successful mentors and protégés, Power Mentoring unlocks the secrets of great mentoring relationships and shows how anyone including those who are well established in their careers, or those who are just starting out, can become a successful mentor or protégé. Based on compelling interviews from Ellen Ensher and Susan Murphy’s own research, this important resource explains what it takes to develop a “power mentoring” network consisting of a variety of mentors across a range of organizations. The authors provide strategies for establishing such power mentoring relationships, outline the best practices, and offer insights from mentors and protégés in a variety of fields.

Published by Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 0-7879-7952-X 27.95 US dollars.