Book News: November 16th, 2005

By Reena Bhavnani, Heidi Mirza and Veena Meetoo.Anti-racist legislation, including policies on equality in the workplace, have failed to tackle the roots of racism. Changes to recruitment procedures have arguably made a difference to the employment of minorities, but black and minority ethnic staff continue to make slower progress than white counterparts within organizations.

The authors argue that although laws against racial discrimination and harassment have led to a plethora of written workplace policies, they remain ineffective in improving the quality of life for different ethnic minority groups. This is because they fail to address underlying everyday attitudes and behaviours, which frequently go unchallenged. These subtle and overt behaviours quickly become an expected part of everyday life. They are not publicly acknowledged, and constantly reappear. Alongside this analysis, the authors describe varied international initiatives that appear to have been successful in challenging and reducing racism.

Published by The Policy Press. ISBN 86134 774X. £15 .00