Book News: November 22nd, 2005

By John AdairThis book highlights the link between the task needs, team maintenance needs and individual needs and demonstrates that the outcome of every situation involving leadership depends on these three factors. The author argues that leaders must possess the skills and expertise to ensure the group works together as a team in order to get the task done. But leadership requires more than equipping leaders or would-be leaders with knowledge and skills. The secret to becoming a successful leader is recognising the greatness that lies in others, but a person who shows leadership capabilities at one level is not always capable of exercising them at the next level – competence is a must.

The author suggests key principles which provide a basis for successful leadership development. They include a strategy which sets out the skills required, the right training to help managers to gain skills and become good leaders and making use of line managers as leadership mentors.

Published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 24.99 pounds. Available from