Book News: December 13th, 2005

This publication from the Local Government Association recognizes that many communities view new development with suspicion and even hostility. Although the need for housing for people is acknowledged, people worry about the affordability of property for their children. New development brings pressure on services – on roads, schools, dentists, GPs – without any apparent local benefit except to those who live in the new houses.If the government takes the right action to address the financial and policy issues, the LGA believes that there could be a strategic opportunity to build support for much needed development in every local community. Local authorities will be able to show real leadership to deliver housing and wider development strategies, and clear financial commitment to deliver infrastructure to support them, up-front and on-time. This means that there is a need to show local communities that there are clear benefits arising from new development and to demonstrate that the impacts will be met. The debate should go further than infrastructure funding and include the social, economic and environmental services that local people seek.

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