Book News: March 23rd, 2006

This report sets out actions and recommendations to improve the local authority consent regime system. This is the process whereby a local authority has to apply for permission from the Secretary of State, or in some cases the Attorney General, to carry out certain activities in order to perform their statutory duties, such as the provision of off street parking. Local authorities continue to have a strong perception that government departments could do more to remove burdens such as unnecessary paperwork associated with some of the controls that are in place.This report identifies the actions that government departments will take which to remove the constraints and burdens caused by some of the consent regimes. Local authorities will no longer need to seek consent at every turn, before they can take action. In addition to repealing 21 consent regimes, consultations will continue on a further 11 regimes. Departments will also provide better guidance on consent applications.

The report is available at: