Book News: April 11th, 2006

This report from the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit evaluates the Centres which were set up in pilot councils to explore from a bottom up, local, perspective, the opportunities for a rationalisation of initiatives and for a reduction in bureaucracy. Their remit was to find out whether innovation and success in reducing bureaucracy is possible without guidance, direction and resources from central government. The Centres allowed those who faced bureaucratic burdens to generate proposals and take forward fresh approaches.In some cases Centres were able to simplify systems in ways which brought tangible benefits in the appraisal, monitoring and audit procedures of programmes. A number of Centres have also contributed to the improved management of multiple funds, and to the exploration of the possibilities of single pots.

In Centres where progress has been most marked positive drivers for change include strong leadership, multi-agency involvement and rewards in the form of recognition or better relations with government.

The report is available at: