Book News: April 25th, 2006

By John Hoover and Roger P. Di SilvestroThere’s no magic formula for building a successful organisation, but the first move is to build your people. The Art of Constructive Confrontation is an easy-to-follow, systematic process that makes sure you don’t get those things backwards. Constructive confrontation is the closest thing you’ll ever find to hold people accountable for what they do, while at the same time reducing the conflicts that get in the way of productivity.

The author presents a clear and concise road map to making the all-important conversations between team leaders and team members happen. More than that, the constructive confrontation process keeps those conversations happening, keeps them consistent and constructive, keeps everybody accountable, and unleashes the leadership potential in everyone. Embracing constructive confrontation builds a strong, effective leader with a strong, effective team.

Published by Wiley ISBN: 0-471-71853-X. 16.99 pounds.