Book News: May 11th, 2006

By Simone DelorenziThe aim of this book is to explore some of the complex links between social and geographical mobility and lack of mobility. It is based on the Social Mobility and Life Chances Forums which took place at HM Treasury.

The book takes up the challenge of looking at some of the issues relating to the fact that individuals belong to different groups, whether defined by where they live or by where they come from. It seeks to ascertain the role and impact both of place and ethnicity in individuals’ life chances, and the degree to which these create, or remove, barriers to social mobility. It also seeks to examine some of the policies that have sought to tackle deprivation and unequal life chances through targeting specific communities defined either by their geographical location, their ethnicity or both. Hence, the policies explored range from area regeneration and housing to the integration of immigrants.

Published by IPPR. 9.95 pounds.