Book News: July 4th, 2006

This report sets out the findings and recommendations of the Affordable Housing Commission. The Commission found that some 45% of prospective newly-forming households, aged between 16 and 35, in rural areas could not afford to set up home in the rural ward where they currently live. This amounts to some 23,000 newly-forming households per annum across all of rural England. In the South East, South West and East of England these emerging households would have to travel considerable distances, usually into urban areas, before finding locations where housing is, theoretically, affordable for them.The Commission recommends that 11,000 units of affordable housing should be provided per year in settlements below 10,000 population. This should be the starting point for setting the objective of meeting rural housing need. The Commission also recommends that rural areas should share in the housing growth which is planned following the Government response to the Barker Review of Housing Supply. This will help deliver affordable housing through cross-subsidy from market housing and provide the next step up on the housing ladder for many.

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