Book News: August 1st, 2006

By Sophia Parker and Joe HeapyThe purpose of this pamphlet from Demos is to bring together and organise some of the language and concepts of user-centred service. The work is set in the context of the priorities for public service reform in coming years. It brings together what the authors have learnt from working with service organisations, along with the contributions of over 50 professionals from private, public and voluntary organisations and a number of independent experts in service design.

The pamphlet provides a useful resource for service organisations, as well as a conceptual framework for approaches to reform. In that spirit, each of the core chapters concludes with a set of challenges. These are presented in the form of questions people can ask to test the extent to which their organisation is focused on creating deep relationships with their users.

After each chapter there are case studies of public service organisations that are putting some of the principles described here into practice.

The pamphlet is available at: