Book News: November 7th, 2006

This is the first review by the Charities Commission of regeneration charities. At a time when the Government is reviewing the role of the third sector in social and economic regeneration, the report looks at the 250 organisations which adopted regeneration as a purpose since it was first recognised as charitable in 1999, and analyses the performance of these charities against the charitable sector as a whole.It finds that although regeneration charities may be the newest kids on the charity block, they are streets ahead in terms of performance, effectiveness and best practice. The total annual income for regeneration charities is 519 million pounds which is about 1.3% of the total for all registered charities. 17% of regeneration charities have income of over 1 million pounds, against an average of 3%, and are more likely to be charitable companies, 87% compared with 15% across the Register as a whole.

The report concludes that regeneration charities are characterised by models of best practice in a whole range of areas and that the level of accountability is exceptionally high, particularly in terms of measuring impact and involving users.

The report is available at: