Book News: December 7th, 2006

This guide from the Local Government Association will help councils adopt planning polices that ensure the impact of new buildings on the environment is minimised. It is concerned with setting higher standards on a range of environmental issues including cutting carbon emissions, better use of water resources, reducing light pollution and protecting and enhancing existing natural features. The environmental impact of new development is vitally important because the Government has recommended 200,000 additional homes are built in England every year until 2021.Sustainable construction is a common theme but is being interpreted in a variety of ways. The new report sets out approaches and guidance, drawn from the experience of councils, to secure higher standards of sustainable design and construction that also reflect local priorities. Councils are encouraged to use them as a starting point adapting them according to local circumstances. The report demonstrates how pro-active planning policies can link together the twin aspects of planning and building regulations to drive up energy efficiency in new developments.

The Guide is available at: