Book News: December 14th, 2006

This report from the Audit Commission focuses on external factors contributing to school success. It considers the vital links between school performance and the communities schools serve. It offers examples of good practice, for instance, where partnership working has been successful and provides a self-assessment questionnaire. It is intended primarily for officers and elected members in councils and their partner organisations and for senior managers and governors in schools.Traditional school improvement activity has tended to concentrate on teaching and learning, but the report concentrates on key service areas including regeneration and renewal, social housing, community safety, arts, sports and recreation services and youth services.

The report complements a National Audit Office study, Improving Poorly Performing Schools in England, which was published in January 2006 and which analysed what can be done at individual school level both by schools themselves and by external interventions on the part of the Department for Education and Skills, the Office for Standards in Education and local authority education departments.

The report is available at: