Book News: January 9th, 2007

Deborah L. Rhode (Editor)Moral Leadership brings together in one comprehensive volume essays from leading scholars in law, leadership, psychology, political science, and ethics to provide practical, theoretical policy guidance. Contributors identify what people know, and only think they know, about the role of ethics in key decision-making positions.

The essays focus on issues such as the definition and importance of moral leadership and the factors that influence its exercise, along with practical strategies for promoting ethical behavior. Moral Leadership addresses the dynamics of the process, with particular emphasis on major obstacles that stand in its way: impaired judgment, self-interest, and power. Finally, the book explores moral leadership in a variety of contexts, business and the professions, nonprofit organizations, and the international arena. How do leaders form, sustain, and transmit moral commitments?

Published by Jossey Bass ISBN: 978-0-7879-8282-9. 45.0 US dollars.