Book News: May 3rd, 2007

By Robin RydeLeadership starts with thinking – about problems, about possibilities and about organisational capabilities. But thinking never occurs in a vacuum. Long gone are the days when a chief executive would disappear for weeks with a towel over his or her head, only to reappear to announce ‘the answer’ to the organization. Modern leadership is about shaping the social process of engagement, strategizing and decision-making so that workers can create immeasurable value.

This book is about what executives can do to transform the thinking of those around them. It is about the circuitry that lies beneath the change process and the habits and norms that govern business conversations. For every senior person that ever had a sense of déjà vu in the boardroom or was horrified to see great minds producing pulp, this is the book for them. The book gives an insight into exemplary decision-making, quicker organizational change and focused leadership.

The author is Head of the National School of Government’s Centre for Strategic Leadership,

Published by Palgrave ISBN 0230525512. 25.00 pounds