Book News: May 10th, 2007

By Richard A. SwansonOrganisations spend substantial amounts of money on performance improvement, employee training and development, work system redesign, and other improvement efforts. Much of this money is wasted because the groundwork has not been done to link these programs to an organisation’s needs, goals, and processes. In this book the author offers a systematic approach for doing the rigorous preparatory analysis that is vital to shaping and developing successful performance improvement efforts.

Swanson’s methods allow programme developers and managers to define clear objectives, assess an organisation’s unique systems and missions, analyze necessary worker knowledge and expertise, define the desired performance and evaluation standard, and produce a viable and comprehensive performance improvement design. The book forms a complete guide to ensuring that the time, money, and effort invested in organisational development are well spent.

Published by Berrett-Koehler. ISBN – 10: 1576753417 24.46 US