Book News: June 7th, 2007

This best practice guide from the Department of Health sets out a balance between choice and risk in supported decision making. The guidance applies to those involved in supporting adults, 18 and over, who are using health and social care within any setting, whether community or residential, in the public, independent or voluntary sectors.

Sometimes people’s decisions might be perceived by professionals or family members as carrying some degree of risk, and this guide is intended to help those involved in helping individuals to retain greater control of their lives. It aims to support the principle of empowerment through managing choice and risk transparently in order to enable fair appraisal of the decision process. It can be used to promote choice, while managing risk proportionately and realistically.

It should have a two-fold use in multi-disciplinary teams to foster a common approach to risk and to form as basis for corporate policies, as well as in contractual and other agreements.

The guide is available at: