Book News: July 5th, 2007

The Government’s strategy to strengthen regional delivery of sustainable development was published 12 months ago and this publication from Defra describes some of the work being done by regional partnerships to further sustainable development. It covers tackling climate change, changing attitudes, changing behaviours and improving skills, knowledge and decision-making.Each region has produced an aspirational goal or challenge and they include ‘to be a carbon neutral north east’ and ‘to reduce the ecological footprint of Yorkshire and Humber by 25% in 10 years’.

The North West region provides a typical example of the programme. A series of briefing sessions have been organised for all 46 local authorities in the region on the impacts and opportunities presented by climate change. The project is being run as part of the North West Climate Change Action Plan and has been initiated by the Regional Assembly, with funding from the Partnership and Innovation Fund and support from Government Office for the North West, Northwest Regional Development Agency and the Environment Agency.

The sessions are aimed at councillors and executive officers as well as members of Local Strategic Partnerships and are tailored to address local issues presented by climate change. Topics covered by the sessions include: how climate change will affect the local area and its residents; what is already being done locally to address climate change; what more needs to be done; and will this present opportunities for the region.

The publication is available at: