Book News: October 23rd, 2007

This report has been described as a great tool for policymakers, volunteer managers and anyone who wants hard evidence of the impact that volunteers can have in priority areas of social policy. It provides evidence for the success of volunteering, but voices the weariness of volunteers at the Government’s approach to volunteering. The report is published by The Commission on the Future of Volunteering.The report brings together for the first time the best evidence that demonstrates the positive impact of volunteering in key policy areas of development, safer and stronger communities, social inclusion, quality of life and lifelong learning.

During research for the report many volunteers expressed frustration about last minute changes and their exclusion from the circle of those particular groups of volunteers, geographical areas and types of volunteering favoured by government’s increasingly tighter targets. They feel that government pays insufficient attention to their knowledge and experience, does not treat them as equal partners and burdens them with unnecessary red tape. They also expressed weariness about always running on empty.

The report is available at: