Book News: November 6th, 2007

The strategy is the Housing Corporation’s response to the recommendations in the Our Shared Future report from the Commission on Integration and Cohesion. It shows how the Corporation intends to ensure that the impact of cohesion and integration becomes a central consideration for affordable housing providers.At the heart of the strategy is recognition of the critical role that local government, regional housing boards and affordable housing providers play in supporting neighbourhoods and communities. It recognizes that today’s modern housing providers are much more than mere landlords.

The strategy describes how the corporation will ensure its investment decisions take account of their impact on cohesion and integration and how it will engage with affordable housing providers. It will ensure that the access and allocation arrangements of providers take due regard of their impact on cohesion and integration, encourage them to develop effective strategic partnerships locally in order to support integration and cohesion. It will also promote working with residents and the wider community to identify and remove barriers to cohesion and promote positive interaction between diverse communities.

The strategy is available from the Housing Corporation.