Book News: November 8th, 2007

Edited by Hugh Bochel and Sue Duncan.The book is set in the context of the Government’s emphasis on ‘modernisation’, and it reflects the growing emphasis on policy making as a skill. It combines both academic and practitioner perspectives to provide critical consideration of contemporary policy-making and highlights examples of good practice at all levels of government.

The Cabinet Office publication ‘Professional Policy Making for the Twenty-First Century’ identified nine competencies as the key features of modern policy making: forward-looking; outward-looking; innovative, flexible and creative; evidence-based; inclusive; joined-up; open to review; open to evaluation; and capable of learning lessons.

The book is structured around these competencies. Each chapter written by a pair of co-authors, one primarily an academic, and the other primarily a policy maker or practitioner. Accompanying case studies provide lessons or pointers to good practice, together with guidance on how to access further information.

Published by the Policy Press. ISBN 9781861349033. 17.49 pounds