Book News: November 13th, 2007

By Robert Cialdini, Steve Martin and Dr. Noah Goldstein.Every day professionals in the public communications sector have to persuade others to do things, but how? The book gives many insights into the question. It contains serious science, but always with a light touch and shows how influence revolves around key principles that anyone can learn, often with unexpected results.

Some trust their instinct when it comes to influencing people and this is one way to do it, but sometimes it does not work. For instance, to get a class full of children to take more exercise it simply isn’t sufficient to tell them of the consequences if they don’t. So whether the issue is to get the public to stop using gas-guzzling Chelsea tractors, quit smoking, or simply to turn out every four years and vote, this book shows how a little influence can go a long way.

Published by Profile books. ISBN 978 184668 016 8. 8.99 pounds.