Book News: December 6th, 2007

Despite the pressure for local councils to follow the lead of the private sector and develop shared service and partnership arrangements, the barriers in terms of culture, differences in priorities across councils and lack of experience are formidable. Yet this is the most likely source of meeting government targets for reduced overheads and improved organizational effectiveness.

By using extensive case studies drawn from across local councils in England, Ray Tomkinson explains the implications of sharing service delivery, addresses concerns about loss of control and accountability, and demonstrates the potential advantages. He shows how to set up collaborative ventures, formal partnerships, shared service centres or special purpose vehicles, while pointing out possible pitfalls, thus enabling senior managers to follow all the necessary project steps to create an appropriate
shared service. The author seeks to examine the evidence of the cost, effectiveness and quality improvements achieved from sharings.

Shared Services in Local Government is the only comprehensive study for the UK and it will ensure any public sector organisation pursuing this route is able to approach the task of creating a shared service with a real understanding of the issues involved.

Published by Gower. ISBN-13: 978-0-566-08723-3. 60.00 pounds.