Book News: December 20th, 2007

This report from Kable says that the existing system is struggling to deliver complex programmes of benefits and care and that the situation is made more difficult by the diversity of providers.

It says the key issue for councils is to push through reform more quickly in areas such as children’s services, welfare and pensions. It describes three phases of challenges for councils in the next decade. Over the next two years the priorities are to eliminate inefficiencies, reach client groups more effectively, standardise more processes and exchanges of information, and make the system more user friendly for clients.

Over the next five years there is a need to develop more flexible systems and processes, providing faster responses to changing client circumstances. It is also necessary to increase the options for delivering services and improve cooperation between participants, including the sharing of information and casework.

Over 10 years success depends on creating a more responsive and adaptable system able to take preventative action, and develop more programmes for small groups of clients. This should involve a diverse mix of providers and more personalised services. This may involve developments in areas such as mobile technology, increased use of capacity planning and more sophisticated financial management.

The report, priced at 1950 pounds, is available from Kable.