Book News: January 31st, 2008

By Ram Charan

This book explores how to deepen an organisation’s talent pool to solve the succession crisis. The author addresses the pressing problem of a shortfall of leaders prepared to face the complexity of today’s challenges. When so many organisations struggle to find successors for their top jobs, and when so many leaders rise to the top but fail shortly thereafter, it’s clear there’s something wrong with succession and leadership development practices.

The book presents a radical and controversial remedy for the succession crisis: the Apprenticeship Model. This new approach to succession and leadership development makes it a hands-on activity for leaders and their bosses.

Under the Apprenticeship Model, people with the talent for leadership get stiff challenges hand-picked for them. Their bosses play a crucial role in accelerating their development. And HR gets a new job, as trustee of the Apprenticeship system. As a result, leaders at all levels develop faster and better.

Leaders at All Levels describes how and why the Apprenticeship Model works and provides the tools needed to adopt it. Based on Charan’s decades of experience and keen insights into how leaders actually learn and grow, the book is filled with down-to-earth advice and real-world examples. It is a useful reference for best practices in choosing successors for leadership jobs at all levels.

Published by Wiley ISBN:978-0-7879-8559-2. 22.36 USdollars.