Book News: May 22nd, 2008

Communities and Local Government wants suggestions on how it can make the commitment to empowerment a reality through the Empowerment White Paper, due to be published in Summer 2008. It describes empowerment as helping citizens and communities to get the confidence, skills and power that helps them to shape and influence decisions and services in their local area.

This Empowerment Pack contains information on how to run an event around the issue of empowerment, as well as background to the issues and how to feed back views.

The aim of the Pack is to encourage individuals, local charities and other organisations who are already shaping communities, to make a greater contribution to local decisions. Sharing thoughts and experiences will contribute to the White Paper, and help to support empowerment activities.

The outcome from empowerment will be improved quality of services, for example health services, schools and policing, greater community cohesion and social inclusion and friendlier neighbourhoods.

The pack is available from DCLG.