Book News: August 12th, 2008

By Max De Pree

In the book De Pree finds that the most successful organizations of the Information Age operate not as controlled collections of human resources, but as dynamic communities of free people. And in order to mobilize these communities, leaders must know how to lead without power, because free people follow willingly or not at all.

De Pree holds up nonprofit organisations as mirrors of the greatest aspirations places where people work for the opportunity to contribute to the common good, and for the chance to realize their full human potential. He calls such organizations movements and challenges others to follow their example. They lead not with the power of the paycheck or with bureaucratic carrots-and-sticks, but with the promise of meaningful work and lives fulfilled.

For that reason, nonprofit or otherwise, they are the most successful organizations of all. De Pree takes an enlightened look at the forces that drive selfless accomplishment. The book offers encouragement and hope for creating organizations that inspire the very best in people. And it provides leaders at every level with a new context for effecting positive change.

Published by Jossey-Bass ISBN: 978-0-7879-6743-7. £13.99.