Book News: September 16th, 2008

By Martin Cole and Greg Parston

The book presents the Public Service Value Model-an innovative, rigorous approach to defining public outcomes and quantifying results-to help readers understand and improve public service delivery.
Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, this guide will arm public service managers with a practical framework that can be used to define outcomes and manage trade-offs in public service delivery.

Public managers worldwide are caught in a “value squeeze” as they seek to deliver more and better services under tight budget constraints. With no framework equivalent to the private sector’s bottom line, managers often find it difficult to answer tough questions about their true productivity. Unlocking Public Value provides a roadmap to answer those questions.

The authors adapt what has traditionally been an analysis approach for corporations and shareholders to a public service context where citizens and taxpayers are the primary stakeholders. The book offers innovative and practical steps suggesting how public service organizations can measure, analyze and improve public value over time.

Published by Accenture. ISBN: 978-0-471-95945-8. 29.99 pounds