Book News: September 30th, 2008

This report summarises the results of consultation following the publication of the White Paper on transferring funding for 16-19 year olds to local councils to give greater leadership at local level. The consultation sought views on how to implement proposed reforms to education and training for pre-19 and post-19 learners.

The report is set against the background that economic competitors are all investing heavily in raising their skills levels, as are the rising economic powers of the 21st century in South and East Asia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. The reforms of the post 19 landscape will deliver a responsive and flexible system for adult education and training and ensure an ability to compete in the future global marketplace.

The reforms provide an opportunity to bring together in one place responsibility for the outcomes and achievement of all young people aged 0-19. The reforms build on the existing role and expertise of local councils as commissioners of a wide range of services which will help support pre-19 education and training.

Local councils will play the key role in the new system, taking responsibility for securing sufficient provision in their local area to meet the new entitlements and meet the ambition to raise the participation age.

There was widespread support for the creation of a single framework for integrated commissioning of education and training to age 19, which fits well with the principles of Every Child Matters.

The report is available from DIUS.