Book News: October 30th, 2008

By Byron Kalies

The book offers the reader a comprehensive but easily read and easily digestible text, covering a specific topic in an hour and a half of study. It could be subtitled: How to be a great manager yet retain your
principles, your humour and the respect of your staff’! It combines a little theory and lots of real examples – a sort of ‘it shouldn’t happen to a vet’ for managers.

Each of the twenty-five techniques, or lessons in managing, offers practical tips, observations and real-life stories to illustrate the points being made. Some of the vital topics covered include learning, trust and making
mistakes, presentation skills, leadership – symbolic acts, and never making people wrong, performance management, appraisals and a little maths.

ISBN 1-85252-480-4 – 2005. 9 .99 pounds.