Book News: February 12th, 2009

By Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan

The power in this book stems from using the Three Laws of Performance. A law isn’t a rule, tip, or step, but distinguishes the moving parts at play behind an observable phenomenon. A law is invariable. Whether you believe in gravity or not doesn’t lessen its effect on you.

The authors take these laws, one at a time, and show how to apply them. You’ll see how to jettison what’s holding you back, create a future for your organisation, and your life beyond what’s predictably going to happen. Along the way, you’ll likely see and transform much of what is holding you back, both professionally and personally.

They identify key leadership principles, and how to apply them in organisations. They look at the new frontier of organisations and organisational leadership.

The authors claim that in reading this book and applying the Three Laws, you’ll do more than find fixes to your problems. You’ll find the power to rewrite your future.

Published by Barnes and Noble ISBN-13: 9780470195598. 18.45 US dollars.