Book News: February 24th, 2009

By Thomas M. Tripp, Robert J. Bies

The authors educate employees and managers about the right and wrong ways to deal with workplace conflict, specifically revenge. They have amassed dozens of lively stories, insights and counter-intuitive truths to bring to the book. Not only will managers and employees find this information useful and entertaining, but most readers will find applications in their home lives as well as in their work lives.

The core argument is that revenge is about justice. Avenging employees are not unprofessional, out-of-control employees; rather, they are victims of offences who feel compelled to seek justice on their own. The authors address specific questions, such as: what kinds of offences result in revenge? Why do some victims respond more aggressively to harm than others? And what role does the organization play in how victims respond to offences?

This book offers a model that sequences avengers’ thoughts and behaviors, from the beginning of the conflict to its end. The model is grounded in scientific research and organizes disparate findings into a whole.

Published by Jossey-Bass ISBN: 978-0-470-33967-1. 27.95 dollars US.