Book News: March 24th, 2009

By Edward Betof

This book is about unlocking the potential of your organisation’s best and brightest. The author offers a compelling implementation roadmap and includes detailed plans, worksheets, exercises and other useful tools that speed the transition to leaders as teachers.

Most professionals understand the value of connecting their top leaders to other established and high potential leaders in the organisation. Many believe that leaders should make this vital connection in a unique and highly effective way, through teaching.

The author chronicles an eight year journey to create and deploy a leadership development programme that relies on all top leaders to train other leaders. The initiative, led by author Edward Betof, produced dramatic results including a stronger and more supportive learning environment, improved communications and strengthened organisational culture, a more adaptive and change-receptive leadership team, and direct cost savings for the organisation.

In addition to its compelling story of change, the author offers a roadmap for other organisations wishing to implement and benefit from this experience.

Published by Berrett Kohler. ISBN 9781562865450. 32.95 dollars US.