Book News: March 26th, 2009

This document sets out the strategy of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills for ensuring that 95 per cent of the working-age population possess at least functional levels of literacy at level 1 by 2020. It envisages substantial progress toward the ambition by 2011 with a Public Service Agreement target of 597,000 people of working age to achieve a first level 1 or above.

The focus will be on employability so that literacy, language and numeracy skills will help people find and progress in work. The Learning and Skills Council and Jobcentre Plus will continue to integrate employment and skills services so that Jobcentre Plus clients can access the literacy, language and numeracy support they need.

The strategy will also seek to raise demand for literacy and particularly numeracy skills. The department will work with partners to launch a marketing campaign in 2009 to raise awareness of workplace literacy and numeracy issues and challenge employers to address them.

In order to develop flexible and responsive Skills for Life provision, the Learning and Skills Council will work with providers to share best practice and build capacity so that by 2011 all LSC-funded providers will offer embedded Skills for Life provision in addition to discrete Skills for Life courses.

Skills for Life is available from DIUS.