Book News: April 2nd, 2009

By Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton.

Most people have little sense of their talents and strengths, much less the ability to build their lives around them. But people become experts in their weaknesses and spend their lives trying to repair these flaws.

The authors have created a revolutionary program to help readers identify their talents, build them into strengths, and enjoy consistent, near-perfect performance. At the heart of the book is the Internet-based StrengthsFinderR Profile, the product of a 25-year effort to identify the most prevalent human strengths. The program introduces 34 dominant “themes” with thousands of possible combinations, and reveals how they can best be translated into personal and career success.

In developing this program, Gallup has conducted psychological profiles with more than two million individuals to help readers learn how to focus and perfect these themes.

The book contains a unique identification number that allows you access to the StrengthsFinder Profile on the Internet. This Web-based interview analyzes your instinctive reactions and immediately presents you with your five most powerful signature themes. Once you know which of the 34 themes – such as Achiever, Activator, Empathy, Futuristic, or Strategic – you lead with, the book will show you how to leverage them for powerful results.

Published by Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group. ISBN-13:9780743201148. 2.30 pounds.