Book News: April 30th, 2009

This report, published by the Sunningdale Institute and commissioned by the Cabinet office, calls for the re-invention of policy making to ensure delivery of cost effective and efficient services responsive to people’s needs.

The report looks at ways to develop better links between Whitehall policy makers and front-line professionals to drive forward public service reform. It calls for more engagement with front-line professionals in policy-making in order to create policies that are as effective as they can possibly be. It urges government to rediscover the old truth that good policy-making involves teamwork, uniting from the outset political vision, assessed evidence on the problem being addressed and the practical wisdom of those on the front-line experienced in serving the public.

Research for the report revealed excellent examples of front-line engagement driving change in public services. The challenge facing government is to spread this philosophy of enhanced aspiration and engagement right across the public sector, not least to help repair the connections damaged by a private sector too often geared to short-term profit at the expense of society.

ENGAGEMENT AND ASPIRATION is available from the Sunningdale Institute.