Book News: May 14th, 2009

This publication from the Department of Health describes how the ‘Valuing People Now’ programme will be delivered to meet the department’s commitment to support people with learning difficulties and their families.

The key priorities include making sure everyone who works with people with learning disabilities knows about ‘Valuing People Now’ and that every Partnership Board makes a difference. Everyone with learning disabilities should get the healthcare they need and they should be given more choice about where they live. It is also vital that people with learning disabilities get person centred plans and are in control of their lives.

A National Learning Disability Programme Board has been set up and there will be Learning Disability Programme Boards in every region. People with learning disabilities and family carers will be members of the Regional Boards as will representatives from the nine Regional Forums and the Regional Family Carer Networks.

A National Director and Co-National Director will lead and support ‘Valuing People Now’ for the Department of Health. They will get a team together to do the most important work and make sure people with complex needs are included in plans. They will share advice and information about the best ways of making ‘Valuing People Now’ happen..

The Valuing People Now – Delivery Plan is available from DoH.