Book News: June 23rd, 2009

This report from the Cabinet Office describes progress made in joining up services to reduce wasteful duplication, encouraging more professional project delivery through better staff skills and securing more effective programme monitoring.

The initiative promotes strategic leadership in the transformation of services and includes a range of citizen-focused activities designed to optimise service design and delivery, and put the focus firmly on the citizen rather than the supplier.

This year saw the Government IT Profession develop an interlinked framework to help drive, support and embed professionalism across the public sector.

Innovation has played an important role and in March the Government establish a new independent expert Power of Information Task Force to explore how new developments on the internet can help to improve public service outcomes.

The Department for Work and Pensions is changing the way in which people interact with government by developing citizen-centred services. The project demonstrates one of the key principles of service transformation with better co-ordination of service delivery through face-to-face, online or telephone services.

The report is available from the Cabinet Office.