Book News: July 30th, 2009

Serious organized crime is a major threat to the UK and it is growing across the world. In the distant past crime was confined to a single neighbourhood, but today criminal networks span the globe, from Asia, Africa or South America, to the streets of UK towns and cities. Criminal activities include drugs, weapons, people trafficking, fraud, counterfeiting and financial crime. This strategy from the Home Office sets out how serious organised crime is to be tackled.

The strategy provides not only the pursuit of criminals but also to go for the proceeds of their ill gotten gains and to attack the space in which they operate and so suffocate the ability of organised criminals to carry out their illegal activities.

Putting this strategy into action will involve rolling out regional asset recovery teams across the country and taking a new approach to conduct tax investigations against criminals who have up to now evaded the system. The strategy will also target organised criminals in prison and make greater use of administrative and civil powers to disrupt the activities of organised criminals including shutting down their ‘front’ businesses.

There will also be a new partnership with business and the public. This will involve a Crimestoppers campaign and a range of easily accessible ways for the public to report serious organised crime to the authorities. There will be a new compact between the government and businesses for fighting organised crime, plus the introduction of dedicated police advisers for business on serious organised crime issues. There will also be a new approach to e-crime, with private sector partners working in tandem with the Home Office and the newly established Office for Cyber-Security.

EXTENDING OUR REACH is available from the HO.