Book News: August 18th, 2009

Public bodies develop information systems to meet the very specific objectives they are seeking to achieve. Each solution is a child of its time and circumstances. Partnership working creates a new situation which requires an over-arching view of the relationship with the citizen. Managing data so that the citizen who needs multiple services is not left to join up the various islands of service is crucial to transforming service delivery through partnerhsips.

This report from Communities and Local Government looks at ways to create this over-arching view of the citizen relationship. It examines the problem from the point of view of strategic and performance management, operational delivery and citizen engagement.

The report sets out a model and data sharing architecture that could be deployed by local strategic partnerships to deliver the capabilities and benefits identified in the project. It also provides a financial benefits case linked to a small number of pre-selected national indicators and a programme delivery structure with an associated business case.