Book News: November 3rd, 2009

By Anna Marie Valerio

The book answers the question “How do we best develop women leaders?” with practical solutions drawn from current literature and the author’s personal interviews with high-achievers in major companies and universities.

The author presents research-based, practical solutions to help people in organizations develop talented women. She describes what organizations and individuals need to know about leadership competencies, personality, and leadership styles. She also explains gender-related issues that affect the behaviors of both women and men at work

There are first-hand accounts by high-achieving women and men from major companies and universities about their leadership experiences and separate chapters addressed to CEOs, Human Resource executives and managers.

The book has relevance across the range of all organizations including major companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. It has significance for every aspect of society – business, government, law, families, careers, and health.

Published by Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1-4051-8370-3. £16.99